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If you’re planning on visiting New Zealand, and want to take in some of the incredible sights the country has to offer, there’s one sight you absolutely cannot miss – an adorable, super-endearing penguin tour! Watch and observe hundreds, even thousands of adorable little penguins in their native habitat. These adorable little New Zealand penguins are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Watch the penguins as the dive and fly through the air, and watch them waddle around on land. It’s absolutely breathtaking to be able to watch these lovely little birds in their home, undisturbed. Not only is New Zealand an absolutely magical, gorgeous place, the native animals are amazing to take in as well, and are one sight you simply need to see.

There are three different species of penguin that are native to the New Zealand area, and that are all available to see on penguin tours in New Zealand – simply a must-do activity for anyone touring through New Zealand! The first penguin is the Korora, or the little blue penguin, or little fairy penguin, which is actually the smallest penguin in the entire world! There’s something amazing about seeing this tiny little penguin on a penguin tour, or during the breathtaking penguin parade, in which hundreds, even thousands of these little penguins launch themselves out of the water. There is also the yellow-eyed penguin, which has an astonishing shade of bright yellow splashed on it’s face, as well as the Fjorland penguin, which is actually one of the rarest in the world! Not only does New Zealand have some of the most adorable, and fascinating birds on the planet, we also have two extremities – one of the rarest, as well as the smallest penguin on the planet! Also, since penguins are not a migratory bird, these particular species are not going to be seen anywhere else – they’ve been in New Zealand all their life, and will stay there, making them truly a New Zealand sight. This is one activity you simply cannot pass up!

There is something that is just truly magnificent about being able to witness animals in their natural habitat, outside of a zoo, and New Zealand is able to offer just that with their native penguin population. Being able to take in the breathtaking landscape of New Zealand, along with watching these adorable little birds is truly an experience simply like no other.


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